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Lamb Koftas

Print Friendly So I’ve been a little obsessed with Lebanese food for a while now, particularly lamb koftas. I always thought they were complicated to make but then I saw Gordon Ramsey making it on his Ultimate Home Cooking show and he made it look so darn easy.  Like WAY easy.  So I gave it […]

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Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Print Friendly February seems like the perfect time to post a summery grilled steak in a refreshing and herby chimichurri sauce.  It reminds me of summer barbeques and Argentinian restaurants in the midst of -20 degree weather and no actual barbeque access.  Plus, it’s way cheaper than going out to eat, which lends itself to […]

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Korean Beef Short Ribs (Galbi or Kalbi)

Print Friendly The best way to get invited (and hopefully re-invited) to cottages and pool parties is probably to bring meat and by meat, I mean specifically these Korean beef short ribs called galbi or kalbi.  Take it from a culture that specializes in grilled meats – these ribs are the perfect combination of salty, […]

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Easy Perfectly Cooked Bacon |

Easy Perfectly Cooked Bacon

Print Friendly Weekend brunch is so over-rated. The line ups alone are enough to kill me. Seriously, I cannot even bear it. I see it all the time – huge lines outside popular brunch spots, folks just waiting around, probably hangry, to get a table. I’ve been guilty of the same thing, waiting sometimes up […]

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