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Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Print Friendly February seems like the perfect time to post a summery grilled steak in a refreshing and herby chimichurri sauce.  It reminds me of summer barbeques and Argentinian restaurants in the midst of -20 degree weather and no actual barbeque access.  Plus, it’s way cheaper than going out to eat, which lends itself to […]

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Hot Spinach Dip |

Hot Spinach Dip

Print Friendly  Back in the day, I worked as a cook in a student run pub.  It’s where I bartended, waited tables, and worked the line in the kitchen.  All in all, the experience was great.  I learned how to cook in a somewhat professional kitchen and work with my friends, which felt more like hanging out. During that […]

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Grilled Zucchini with Herb Dressing

Print Friendly Here’s an easy side for your next barbecue or weeknight dinner. This flavourful herb-filled dressing, which is a cross between pesto and salsa verde with a hint of Caesar dressing, is versatile and great on grilled vegetables, chicken, steak, or fish.  The best part is that everything for the dressing gets tossed into a […]

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Guacamole with Pomegranates

Print Friendly Are you thinking ‘What the what?!  Pomegranates in guacamole? This Chinese girl from Canada is crazy.’  Seriously, I don’t blame you but I swear this is the real deal.    I’ll always remember my first authentic Mexican meal after moving to Arizona at Barrio Cafe in Phoenix, where they made fresh guacamole right at our table.  The waiter wheeled out a little […]

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