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Lamb Koftas

Print Friendly So I’ve been a little obsessed with Lebanese food for a while now, particularly lamb koftas. I always thought they were complicated to make but then I saw Gordon Ramsey making it on his Ultimate Home Cooking show and he made it look so darn easy.  Like WAY easy.  So I gave it […]

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Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken Wings

Print Friendly I have a confession – I’m a closet chicken wing eater. That’s right, I only eat chicken wings in the privacy of my own home.  All that finger licking and lip smacking is just not for the public to witness.  What can I say?  I am just not comfortable in that state of […]

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Hazelnut Chocolate Powerballs |

Hazelnut Chocolate Power Balls

Print Friendly The past month has literally blown by in a sea of BBQs, pool parties, get togethers, road trips,  etc.  And all this socializing has left me a little behind on recipe testing / actual cooking – I’ve been surviving mostly on leftover BBQ, thrown together salads, and a few simple standby recipes like […]

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Baked Tortilla Chips |

Baked Tortilla Chips

Print Friendly I have a food-fession:  I am obsessed with nachos.  I spent almost an hour stuck in traffic today talking about food with my carpool and I would say a good chunk of it was about our mutual adoration of nachos.  We  discussed different kinds of nachos, how to make the perfect nacho, where […]

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