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Lamb Koftas

So I’ve been a little obsessed with Lebanese food for a while now, particularly lamb koftas. I always thought they were complicated to make but then I saw Gordon Ramsey making it on his Ultimate Home Cooking show and he made it look so darn easy.  Like WAY easy.  So I gave it a go. […]

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Mexican Lamb Adobo

Most of my recipes are fast, accessible, and light.  But every once in while, I like to enjoy a deeply rich meaty stick-to-your-ribs caveman type of meal.  The kind of meal that has you leaning back in your chair in a satisfied adobo sauce-incuded stupor. I used to live in the mecca for Mexican food in Scottsdale Arizona.  And instead of learning to cook […]

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finished aloo chap

Aloo Chap (Spiced Meat and Potato Cakes)

Home cooking is a concept that I’ve been thinking about a lot in the last couple of months since my last post back in May.  Since then, I moved from Scottsdale, Arizona back to my hometown of Toronto and in that time, l have lived in 5 hotels, my parents’ house, my inlaws house (AND gone […]

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finished bun with lamb

Viet-Lamb Vermicelli Salad (Bun)

I still remember my first time trying bun. Not ‘bun’ like ‘hamburger bun’ or ‘buns of steel’ but ‘bun’ the Vietnamese dish made of vermicelli rice noodles, veggies, fresh herbs and meat.  I remember swooning over the fresh ingredients, tasty chicken, and tangy/salty/sweet sauce.  It was a work trip to Edmonton, where my doppelganger cousin Mel and […]

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