Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

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Do you smile and get giddy like a 2-year old when you see a cupcake that is disguised as an ice cream cone?  If you don’t, you may want to check for a pulse, because I probably could have named this post ‘happiness in a cone’.  I first made ice cream cone cupcakes back when I was a teen summer camp counsellor looking after pre-school aged kids.  The utter joy the campers got from helping to create these and gobbling them up was priceless.  As wise and mature teenaged counsellors, we made sure to serve these to the kidlets right before we sent them home with mom and dad so we got to experience the joy, and parents got to deal with the resulting sugar high afterwards *insert evil laughter*.

cupcake cut in half

What’s in it? This simple recipe involves gluten-free cake mix from Pamela’s Products, egg-replacer from Ener-G, homemade frosting, and gluten-free cones from Let’s Do.  These cones look just like it’s gluten-filled original except the texture is slightly little less crunchy but still delicious.  These cupcakes would be perfect for a birthday party for kids of any age – I actually made these for my own birthday which happens to be next week.  You can do just about any combination you would do for a normal cupcake – the options are endless.  This version happens to be gluten/nut/egg/dairy-free – so almost allergen-free but still super yummy.  A rare combo indeed.

ice cream cone box
cake mix egg replacer

Specialty Bakeware Not Required: Now I’m not normally one to acquire too much specialty bakeware, as living in a condo means very limited storage, but I couldn’t resist this ice cream cone baker that was on sale.  You don’t need it to make this, you just need some tin foil and a muffin pan – there’s a great tutorial here.

cake batter in cones

cupcakes baked in rack

Test one first…  I recommend doing one test cupcake before doing the entire batch.  The cone only needs to be about 2/3 full with cake batter (using a small ice cream scoop or one tablespoon at a time), however, different cake recipes rise differently.  Once you’ve tested one cone, you can fill the rest of the cones with the right amount of batter.  Too much batter will result in overflow, look messy, and messy up your oven too.  Once these cuties are baked, poke a small hole in the bottom of each cone with a fork to allow the steam to come out so the cones don’t get soggy. 

coconut oil
icing in pot

MMmmm Fudgy Frosting… Most people will agree that the best part of a cupcake is the frosting.  This fudgy frosting is dairy-free thanks to chocolate chips from Enjoy Life and coconut oil. This recipe is adapted from Elena’s Pantry – a great gluten-free resource.  The instant espresso powder gives the frosting a more deeply chocolate-y tasting.  The heart-healthy coconut oil allows me to enjoy my birthday cupcakes guilt-free, especially since birthday calories don’t count, right?  I chose an unscented coconut oil so the chocolate flavor wouldn’t compete with coconut, but if you wanted a choco-coconut frosting, scented coconut oil would be perfect.

For garnish, I recommend some white chocolate shavings (contains dairy) or shredded coconut to pretty these up even more.  I considered putting some sprinkles but all the ones I found had wax or shellac as an ingredient so I passed.

I plan to make these cupcake ice cream cones every year for my birthday from now until infinity, so that I always feel like a kid no matter how much older I get.  I hope you enjoy these for your next celebration.

cupcakes iced in rack


Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

This simple recipe involves gluten-free cake mix from Pamela's Products, egg-replacer from Ener-G, homemade frosting, and gluten-free cones from Let's Do.  These cones look just like it's gluten-filled original except the texture is slightly little less crunchy but still delicious.  These cupcakes would be perfect for a birthday party for kids of any age.
Course: Dessert
Diet: Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Keyword: cake, chocolate, coconut, cupcakes, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, kid-friendly, nut-free, Pamela GF Mix
Servings: 12 ice cream cone cupcakes & 6 extra regular cupcakes
Author: ness


  • Muffin pan and foil, or ice cream cone baker from Niftys


  • 12 flat bottomed gluten-free ice cream cones (1 package from Let's Do)
  • 1 package Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix (gluten-free)
  • ½ cup canola oil
  • 1/3 cup egg replacer (Ener-G brand or 2 large eggs)
  • 1 and 1/2 cup water
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips (dairy-free from Enjoy Life)

Dairy-Free Vegan Chocolate Icing (for 12 cupcakes)

  • 1 cup chocolate chips (dairy-free from Enjoy Life)
  • 1/3 cup unscented coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon instant espresso powder (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon soy milk


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cover muffin pan with foil. Poke a hole over holes where cupcake would go and place ice cream cone in. In a large bowl, add cake mix, oil, egg replacer or eggs, water and chocolate chips. Mix all ingredients with a spatula until just combined. Do not over mix. Using a small ice cream scoop, fill ice cream cones until 2/3 full. Bake for 20 minutes on center rack or when toothpick comes out with slight crumbs. (Place a clean cookie sheet on bottom rack in case of spills.) Place on baking rack to cool. Poke a small hole in the bottom of each cone with a fork to release steam.
  • For remaining batter, fill paper lined muffin tin until 2/3 full. Bake for 22 to 25 minutes. Place on baking rack to cool. Reserve or freeze for future use.
  • Prepare frosting. In a small saucepan on very low heat, melt chocolate and coconut oil. Once melted, remove from heat and stir in espresso powder (if using), vanilla and soy milk. Stir and place in fridge for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove from fridge and beat with hand mixer until light and fluffy. Ice cooled cupcakes and garnish as desired.
A note about substitutions: I know many of my readers do not necessarily have gluten allergies or have varied food sensitivities. This post can be used as a guideline to inspire you to create ice cream cone cupcakes with your favourite options. My version is the most stripped down version and serves as a jumping off point for your own creations. I love hearing from you so if you end up tinkering with the recipe, I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Happy baking!
Adapted from Pamela's Products and Elena's Pantry.

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  1. Maria

    I found your recipe by googling, and I wanted to make cupcakes for my son’s 8 th birthday party. We have 3 friends that are gluten and dairy free. I’m so excited to make these:) I just hope mine rise as beautiful as yours did!! 🙂

  2. Jan

    How early in advance can you make these cupcakes?


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