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True Food

Oh sunny Scottsdale.  How I miss you, especially now that I’m back in Toronto, braving hail, snow, and ice storms, etc.   I was lucky enough to live in Scottsdale for a few years, and loved the dry desert heat, relaxed atmosphere, mountains to climb, and endless restaurants to choose from.  One of my faves was and still is True Food Kitchen, a restaurant that focuses on local, organic ingredients and is gluten-free friendly.  The menu is centered around creating great flavours based on Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet, combining delicious food and healthy living.

They have a couple of locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix and have opened more across the Southwest.  I’ve only been to the ones in Arizona and love that they have open kitchens, where you can see their staff peeling fresh veggies, squeezing fruit juice and cooking in front of you.   The whole vibe is open and airy, fresh and family friendly.  I was lucky enough to head down to Scottsdale for the weekend back in December, which made me a ‘snow bird.’   D and i  stopped in at the Biltmore location in Phoenix for brunch after a little shopping.  We started with the albacore tuna tataki which was delicious, albeit a little saucy.

tuna tataki

Then we split the turkey burger on a gluten-free bun, with sides of kale salad and sweet potato and the wild mushroom, taleggio and garlic pizza on a gluten-free crust.  Needless to say, we ordered way more than we needed but it was all delicious.  They have lots of great juices on the menu, but it was so dry down there, that we chugged a pitcher of water instead.

True Food kale salad

The turkey burger was moist and the gluten-free bun was pretty good.  The couple next to us ordered the same sandwich and actually double checked with the waiter to make sure the bun was actually gluten-free – they couldn’t believe it.  The kale salad was tangy and fresh and the sweet potatoes were a great addition.


I really liked the pizza crust at True Food.  Some gluten-free crusts taste more like tasteless cardboard or thick and chewy corkboard.  The pizza crust here was flavorful, thin and just crunchy enough.   And the taleggio and mushroom combo  is something you need to experience.  It’s amazing.  I’ve done it on polenta and it’s so satisfying you’ll forget is vegetarian.


All in all this place is great if you’re looking for a healthy spot that’s relaxed, flavorful, and fresh.   They even grow little herbs out in front.  The patio is the perfect place to relax and on hot days.   In the heart of the desert, True Food Kitchen feels like a healthy slice of paradise in the valley.

Gluten-Free Note: the restaurant offers gluten-free items, however, the kitchen is not completely gluten-free

Scottsdale sunset

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