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rice cooker

Rice Cooker

The workhorse of any Asian kitchen. I’ve always grown up around rice cookers and it baffles my mind that rice is made any other way (exceptions are paella and risotto). I grew up with a rice cooker from an Asian supermarket that was covered with flowers. The one that we have now is by Cuisinart and sleek enough to stay on the counter – it even comes with a steamer basket.

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Waffle Maker

waffle maker

I’m a waffle lover.  The crispness of a freshly made, golden waffle, covered in fresh berries or maple syrup is my favourite way to enjoy the weekends.  I highly recommend the investment – skip those long line ups for brunch and stay in your PJs instead. My waffle maker is by VillaWare and my model is no longer available – it has all the bells and whistles including removable, dishwasher-safe plates that are 2-sided.  One side makes cute heart waffles, while the other side makes classic round.

The heart option is great as you can cut them into little hearts and make icecream sandwiches.  Super kid-friendly.  (Image courtesy of

mini hand juicer west elmMini Hand Juicer 

I use a lot of lemons in my cooking and those pesky little seeds are my nemisis.  I never remember to pick them out before squeezing the juice into my dressing and spend the next few minutes angrily picking those seeds out.  If only I had this cute little hand juicer from West Elm.  Not only is it beautiful, the top traps all the seeds.  We’re moving around a bit now, so buying anything breakable is off limits, but as soon as I move, this little guy is coming home with me.

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cuisinart mini chopperMini Chopper

How do you mince your ginger and garlic?  What about chopping a handful of nuts?  Whipping up some GF bread crumbs?  This handy little chopper is a minature food processor and is my best friend in the kitchen – it chops up just about anything in just a few seconds saving me loads of precious prep time.  Plus its tiny and takes up barely any cupboard space.  It’s powerful and cute and my kitchen tool must-have.

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HandHeldMandolineLLF8 oxo


This little mandoline is a handy tool – it thinly slices your fruits and veggies into uniform slices.  There are lots of expensive versions of the madoline out there, but I like my little OXO brand one.  It fits in my cutlery drawer and when kitchen storage is scarce, small size matters.  Thinly slice cucumbers and radishes for pretty salads, or potatos for making chips.  Once you have this tool, you’ll find a million uses for it.  And for less than $20, it won’t break your bank either.

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